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If you don't have health insurance, you leave yourself vulnerable

You can protect yourself today by working with us. We offer Medicare supplements as well as long term care policies to help you stay financially stable.


Health insurance services

Get a healthcare plan that makes sense for your situation

At Kansas Financial Services, we know that one company can't be everything to everybody. That's why we have multiple carriers to offer the types of health plans that people are looking for. We offer...

  • Short Term plans for when you are between jobs, coming off the parent's health plan, in the waiting period at a new job, or any other time when you need temporary health insurance.
  • Dental and Vision Plans for individuals and families.
  • Major Medical Plans - including those plans offered through Health Care Exchanges.
  • Health plans for U.S. Citizens traveling abroad.
  • When you are ready, we have Medigap plans to protect you from those out of pocket expenses not covered by Medicare.

Complete planning for your future - disability and long term care

Disability Insurance

One of the most frequent reasons for home foreclosure is the loss of income when a disability strikes. A properly designed disability income plan will provide the means to keep the bills paid and your family in their home. Let us help you protect what protects everything else – your income.

Long Term Care Insurance

A well planned and thoroughly funded retirement plan can be devastated by the need for long term care for an extended period of time. Whether you receive our care at home, in adult day care, in assisted living or in a skilled nursing facility, the costs will be expensive. With the average cost of care at $200/per day, it wouldn’t take long to put a big dent in retirement savings.

Let us help you transfer the risk of this expense to one of our many companies who can provide you with peace of mind knowing you won’t be a burden on your families finances. 

Need help laying a solid health care foundation?
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