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Time is your biggest asset in retirement planning

Take advantage of it with sound retirement and estate planning services to shore up for financial future.



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Obtain your comprehensive retirement and estate analysis

No matter where you are along the road to retirement Kansas Financial Services is here to work out a solution that will provide a great life in your golden years. If you need tax deferral or a product that will escape the rules of probate, we can work with you to make sure that when you retire you won’t have to worry about being able to enjoy it.

Our retirement services include:

  • Retirement plans 
    • 401(k)
    • IRA - Roth and Traditional
    • SEP
    • SIMPLE
    • 403(b) & 501(c)3
    • 412(i)
    • 457
    • 529
  • Business disability buy-out
  • Business buy / sell plans
  • Voluntary employee benefits
  • Selective deferred compensation
  • Estate conservation plans
  • Special needs trust planning
  • Charitable giving through life insurance
  • Fixed and indexed annuities
  • Key person plans

Get expert help to demystify annuities and Medicare Supplements

Annuities are a service that is designed to provide income when you retire. Annuities can help you save money on a tax deferred basis. Find out if they make sense as a part of your overall retirement strategy with our highly trained Certified Financial Consultant.

Let us take the fear and confusion out of deciding what Medicare Supplement you should decide on. You can finally be at ease without all the stress of trying to determine which of many policies is best for you alone with our direct support.

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